We Meet Again

We Meet Again

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It's been two years since I left high school, I'm in college now hoping to become a music teacher in berk, I get for my last year in college to have a job experience in berk and I never expected what was coming to me, I forgot to tell you my name, names Astrid Hofferson 

Yep she 20 and hiccup is 20 but almost 21 so there teachers

||update: the grammar is bad just to say >.<||

Lol "Henry"  xD and how the freak does he not remember astrid?
Please don't tell me that she's in love with the hot guy....
I get a weird vibe like this is like 50 shades of grey, but it's probably nothing like it xD 
                              Maybe it's cuz they're talking about jobs  >3
He must be very very very very very very very old that he doesn't remember Astrid. I mean, who would forget Astrid???
WoW idont think dads are ment to call people " hot" it just sounds weird but funny
Daydreamingasf Daydreamingasf Aug 29, 2015