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Sequel to Mistaken

Now a mother to a toddler, business woman, and single... Morgan comes in contact with someone she's spent two years apart from. 

From doing things that were mistaken and misunderstood Morgan is realizing she doesn't have to fear love. Yes love can be scary, but it can also be very amazing with the right person.

Morgan comes to learn with love comes many things including: work and dedication, learning and understanding, and conflict and communication, but most importantly happiness and respect.

From mistaken love to worthy love.

  • drama
  • family
  • love
  • mistaken
  • sequel
  • urban
-lovebound -lovebound May 21
these comments gon make me mad, like morgan don't know who she fucced n when 😐
Kwean_TK Kwean_TK Jul 21
Y'all Comments Don't Even Make Sense Considering The Fact That He Was In A Totally Different State When The Baby Was Conceived. Hence Why The Author Included The Conversation About The Blood Test Or Urine Test && Stated How Far Along She Was. Think Sometimes
sexykk01 sexykk01 Aug 17
In my eyes that's Ron baby idc 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😍
-lovebound -lovebound May 21
lmao yal it's not kahron's baby 😭😭 she got eric running through her veins 🙂
Lmao why did I think of Life when Eddie Murphy said "How much to turn these whites only pies into nigga pies 💵💵💵"
when i was a baby the only word ik was bïtch like deadass my momma has tons of videos of me saying it