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The Devils Children

The Devils Children

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Izzy_Lightwood_Lewis By Izzy_Lightwood_Lewis Updated Dec 19, 2015

There was once a beautiful angel, whom everyone loved. She had long hair the color of a ravens wings and eyes as gold as the sun. But she had one problem she was in love with someone, and not just any someone, but the Devil himself. And he loved her just as much as she loved him. Soon other angels had found out about the secret lovers and banished the beautiful angel. She found out a while later that she was pregnant with the Devils children. Her lover supported her though the pregnancy and birth and helped raise their children. They had quadruplets. Three boys and one girl. They both agreed to give them Latin names that would relate their powers that they get when they grow older. 
The eldest boy was named Erat. 
The second eldest boy was named Halosis.
The third eldest boy was named Fames. 
And lastly the youngest, the girl, was named Libitina. 
And they lived happily. Well at least until the kids got into high school.

Lmao once the kid is in high school ALL hell breaks loose 😂
Thank you for clarifying how it's pronounced so I read it right in my head 10/10🐓👌👴👍
KylaBrett KylaBrett Feb 21, 2016
*gasp* is he going to be mates with one of the quadruplets?  Is there going to be gay sh*t? Lmao
TheHeir4 TheHeir4 Feb 12, 2016
Lucky. Not many people can do that. Even I can't do it. I don't even know how you do it in the first place. Lucky.
lemonade-mouth lemonade-mouth Mar 28, 2016
I think this is someone elses pov for all the people who says isnt there dad the devil
dunbar_beauty dunbar_beauty Jul 25, 2016
I take at least 15 minutes to put lotion on usually dude wth... I get easily distracted... by the television