Love for Allah... Ibadah...

Love for Allah... Ibadah...

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"Nothing in this world In sha Allah have the power to snatch you away from me Hayati! And as far as separation goes, I won't allow that either in sha Allah! I will cross thousands of deserts on my bare feet to bring you back on my side where you now belong! You are mine Rubdha! My wife, my beloved, my life and I promise you that anyone that tries to separate us will face something they never thought they will! I love you!" He said intensely and she gasped as his emotions swirling in his eyes pulled her in. She was drowning in his eyes, in his love and in him and she didn't want to be saved. She blushed. He drew her in and kissed her forehead, stamping her. She smiled in contentment and sighed in peace. She was home and she didn't want to leave ever.

"I love you too..." She whispered teary eyed to him. He grinned boyishly before turning them around.

Rubdha has lived a dark past. Now it's to let go. Will she find her happily ever after, while she fall in love with her Rabb zuljalalah and his Ibadah?

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kealynhood kealynhood Sep 13, 2017
🇾🇪🇾🇪 ‏أنا بنت من اليمن من اليمن
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Mar 23
This is soooo trueee!! Like we use tissue papers but no one stops from worshipping Allah! SubhanAllah😭❤️
Queen0226 Queen0226 Aug 03, 2017
May Allah make our Imaan more stronger than ever....
                              May Allah guide us through this Dunya 
                              May Allah guide us through right and wrong 
                              May Allah make our faith stronger in him ever....ameen !
Subhanallah.. Mashallah... Sister...I guess...u might have felt it so deep...that u could touch the readers with that feel...Alhamdulillah... I'm a Muslima...
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Aug 03, 2017
@dreamerkr96 even u read this booo sister 😀😊❤️its beautiful MashaAllah
Queen0226 Queen0226 Aug 03, 2017