Bound (Counterpart Trilogy #1) ✔ [Young-Adult PNR]

Bound (Counterpart Trilogy #1) ✔ [Young-Adult PNR]

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Shana Vanterpool Author By ShanaVanterpool Completed

Highest Rating: #46 in Paranormal. 

A love that has no bounds, but binds you so completely.

17 year old Annabelle Mertzer is sick of running. She wants her old life back. To feel whole again. She leaves her hometown behind and moves to Jade Gorge, Oregon to give her father's future a try. Only her father hasn't changed. He seems to be living his life fine without her. She struggles with her anger for her father, her memories that still suffocate her, and the emptiness in her. 

Then one night she stumbles upon a strange family dancing in the forest behind her house. She finds a secret clearing full of wonder and magic. They're not human. Thick colorful mist seeps from their skin. But one stranger in particular catches Anna's attention. When their eyes meet everything inside of Anna shifts. And for one strange impossible second she feels whole. An intense sense of deja vu slams into her. She feels like she knows him, but she doesn't. She can't. She would have remembered someone that miade her whole again.

Richard Reddington is not human. In fact he despises humans. When he looks up and finds a human girl
 wrecking his family's celebration he doesn't expect that his whole world becomes her. Their love shouldn't exist. Richard knows it.  He can't have forever without ruining her. Danger is following them, and it's the kind that a human can't handle.

It's the kind of trouble that tortures the love right out of them.

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ChelseaAnderson490 ChelseaAnderson490 Sep 30, 2017
Not trying to be rude just trying to help i like the book but thats slightly irratateing
DeveshKashyap8 DeveshKashyap8 Aug 24, 2017
Hi , friends,  I have  joined wattpad    And wrote my first story for you . That,s intrasting you can read
MylesAlanAuthor MylesAlanAuthor Dec 14, 2017
Where has your writing been my entire life this is insanely good
ChelseaAnderson490 ChelseaAnderson490 Sep 30, 2017
It necer said anything about her moveing or leaveing the house?? Like did she jump grom her vanity? And with the flash back i couldnt tell if that was going in now or back with her mom or if this is still apart of the flash back
Sounds like she's had a hard run. The crash was scary I actually had my heart in my throat for her even though I knew she would get out. I couldn't help thinking what if? Fantastic start cant wait to get stuck in more
quercusdryad quercusdryad Dec 30, 2017
So what caused the heat wave if not from the sun? Her anxiety, her anger, her memories?
                              I'm kind of confuscated here.
                              Your description of the car accident and near drowning was superb. I could not breathe!