Forever lasting

Forever lasting

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WendyOrKarina By WendyOrKarina Updated 5 days ago

"How long?"
"For forever."
"Forever is a lie. Nothing lasts forever. It's just the time between hello and goodbye."

She's been bullied since she was young by her twin brother. Remus Lupin. Her mother hates her. Her dad was never there. And All of Hogwarts Hates her because of her brother and his friends, Her only friend, Lily Evans. What happens when One of the Marauder's falls for the shy, abused twin? Pft. Not love of course...

(All credit goes to Jk Rowling with the exception of Amelia. I did not create any of the other characters or settings.)

Noooo Remus! Don't be like that! Be the shy bookworm you were meant to be! 😢😢😢