It's punk rock! [Lashton & Malum AU]

It's punk rock! [Lashton & Malum AU]

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♡Kaylin♡ By lovely-lashton Completed

"You have to drown a little before you learn to swim my friend."

somehow four distinctly different boys all ended up in the same cabin for a recovery camp for troubled teens for the summer. 


Warnings: Sexual content, Eating Didorders, daddy kink, depression and mentions of suicide. 

Fem!Luke, Punk!Michael, Nerdy!Calum.
(Luke will wear skirts and makeup, if you don't like that go read something else.)
Editing Cred's to: @Aetirnel

fantabulouswolf19 fantabulouswolf19 6 days ago
Im a rr and u couldnt find this book and I freaked cause this is litterally one of my favs. So thanks for writing it @lovely-lashton 😂😆
My son what have you done,jk the sex Idgaf about but drugs. Nah I don't want you to die now.
Everybody's just likr re reading and I'm like well this is my first time reading this so I'm just gonna go
Tsukaite Tsukaite Nov 13
I like him!! I want to be like him!! 
                              Just joking.
This was the first time I read something like this and I loved it a lot even though I was a little scared of what I would think in the beginning