Reality(1 in series)

Reality(1 in series)

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Gabrielle By GabbyLyn07 Completed

My father left me and my mother when I was nine.
When I was twelve, he came back for me, and caused destruction in his wake.
Little did I know what waited for me on the other side of the galaxy, but boy did reality hit me hard.
Jaylee used to be a normal human girl. A regular, book loving, music singing, lovable human girl.
Until she was taken back to Artoul when she was twelve, the planet her father hailed from. 
A planet she would grow to hate.
Now, at the age of twenty, her father is expecting to use her for his own advantages.

Two planets over, Tethra is having issues it's rulers are not even aware of.
What happens when these two things collide, and Jaylee is thrown into it?

Highest ranking: #1 in the Science-Fiction category
Beautiful cover by:   AmeliaVampire12


Book #1 in series. (Stand alone books, don't need to be read in certain order)

ib_smiles ib_smiles Nov 26, 2016
Meanwhile I'm thinking you guys mean the movie project x 🌚
aphroditedd aphroditedd Nov 12, 2016
Anyone who said this is like project X please read it first bc ITS NOTHING LIKE PROJECT X 🙄
tigergoesrwarr tigergoesrwarr Dec 08, 2016
Damn bitch, harsh. She just mad cuz she gots no titties 😈😈
Idk what problems that planet has, I wish I was born there. Those women are blessed.
Gilliemebe Gilliemebe Aug 16, 2016
Dude it's a planet of Germans, got to love them!😘😘👽👽👽😻✌🏻️✌🏻
debbieedits debbieedits Jun 28, 2015
The setup is good but you could use more character descriptions when they are introduced. Paint a picture for the reader.