I Really Hate You

I Really Hate You

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Jane is an ordinary girl. She's a nerd. 'Dont judge a book by its cover' because Jane isnt really a nerd. She just acted like one.

Byun Baekhyun typical playboy. Not that kinda playboy. His new hobby is to annoy Jane to dead.

They always fight and prank each other. Until one day a big news comes for them. everything changes.

Baekhyun started to feel jealous when someone approach Jane. Jane doesnt care anyway. Until one day Baekhyun cant stand that boys are trying to get her.

he realizes that..
he was falling..

falling in love with Jane

so how about Jane? Will she love him back? or no? 

read this book to find out more♡

Am I the only one who started humming  " I really hate you" to the tune of " I really really really really really really like you" by Carly Rae
Damn your parents. They do IT as soon as the one is out. Whoooooo!
-despicable -despicable Aug 08
Yes , take notes, we have to know the names of our future victims, right?
O-O..............omg is that my name? I LOVE YOU AUTHOR!!!!!
InaExoBH InaExoBH Nov 14
I tho that one of the friend was gonna be Baek but i guess not
Baekhyun,Since Today is your birthday ,I will forgive you hehe