Living This Memory

Living This Memory

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adriana By annlee Updated Nov 08, 2010

I am living a memory

But it's not the first time I have lived it

I have once before

But it's not one I want to live again

Yet I am forced to

This memory I am living

Is of someone wanting control over me

A person with no respect for me

For my things

And just like the first time

I lived this memory

That person took something from me

Something important

But there is nothing I can do

For this person is of my family

And I don't have the courage to

Stand up to that person

So I sit in my room

With music on so

No one can hear me cry

As I did the first time

I lived this memory



This is actully happening to me right now. what the person first took from me was my bed room for 2 years (2nd grade-4th grade). the second is my family being happy.

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