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Queenie By Avancidy Updated Nov 07, 2010

I'm just bored. Hi everyone! I just have nothing to do. Really. I'm staring at my computer screen and my hands just moved on its own. *bummed*



I don't know why I even bother

You're just another boy.

Don't think that I can't get another

Don't play me like a toy.

Wipe that smile upon your face

I'll leave you if you don't.

Don't think that I'm just saying this

You won't see me, no, you won't.

I confessed to you and you agreed

Yet you treat me the same

Don't think that I am just your pet

I'm naive, but I'm not tame.

Why can't you ever see

That I'm hurting inside?

This dread and doubt; can live without

My insecurity won't subside.

Don't think that I'll just follow you

Don't think I can't forget.

Coz' if you do and let me go,

I swear you will regret.

Avancidy Avancidy Mar 01, 2011
@Pufflefan410 lol thank you! And yeah. Desperate times call for desperate measures :P
Pufflefan410 Pufflefan410 Feb 28, 2011
I like this poem! So you made it up when you were looking at your moving computer screen?? Hahaha
Avancidy Avancidy Dec 25, 2010
@Jane_Macker lol dont really like it that much but thank you for the comment and vote! =D