Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfic)

Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfic)

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SarcasticBookLover By SarcasticBookLover Updated Feb 12, 2016

3 years ago, I woke up in an empty room with no one. No memories, no families.

And since then, I was trained to kill.

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Firefly2612 Firefly2612 Jan 17
But I think I won't use any thing or mention any thing in other stories
                              You know just to be safe
killuasgon killuasgon Apr 26, 2017
Gon and Killua make up for the no romance with their gayness
AnimeIsCoolAndKawaii AnimeIsCoolAndKawaii Jun 05, 2017
I was just listening ro kimi no na wa and came to the comments *boom* Jun_Miomeisa asks  *what is the name of the song* i am like WTF
RyuzakiManga RyuzakiManga Jan 14, 2017
I know that the cover comes from death note and don't try to hide it.
SarcasticBookLover SarcasticBookLover Oct 26, 2015
Hope I meet your expectations^^ by the way, chapter 1 is already posted. Go read it if you want :)
onepiece_nakama onepiece_nakama Jul 19, 2015
I thought you said transmuted and in my head I was all "wait what were at this point in the plot like already ⊙︿⊙?!"