Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfic)

Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfic)

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SarcasticBookLover By SarcasticBookLover Updated Feb 12, 2016

3 years ago, I woke up in an empty room with no one. No memories, no families.

And since then, I was trained to kill.

(Updated regularly)

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killuasgon killuasgon Apr 26
Gon and Killua make up for the no romance with their gayness
I was just listening ro kimi no na wa and came to the comments *boom* Jun_Miomeisa asks  *what is the name of the song* i am like WTF
I know that the cover comes from death note and don't try to hide it.
SarcasticBookLover SarcasticBookLover Oct 26, 2015
Hope I meet your expectations^^ by the way, chapter 1 is already posted. Go read it if you want :)
onepiece_nakama onepiece_nakama Jul 19, 2015
I thought you said transmuted and in my head I was all "wait what were at this point in the plot like already ⊙︿⊙?!"
onepiece_nakama onepiece_nakama Jul 19, 2015
I saw that too...I wish there was at least one romance thing...well I think ponzu and pokkle had a thing for eachother but that doesn't count since they died right after I thought this and as if Yoshihiro Togashi could see me/everyone who thought this get their hopes up he was all "haha...NO!"