Sex Therapist

Sex Therapist

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trulygoldenn By trulygoldenn Updated Jan 16, 2016

Naomi October Brooks 

I gets up and crawls on Trey. Kissing him on his neck behind his ear. As I sit on him I can feel his little man rising. Just what I like.

"Naomi stop." Trey says waking up

"Why Trey? I need it!" I say sitting up pouting like a baby

"We do it all the time! Damn give me a break!" Trey says getting up. He looked soo sexy right now he's making me wet even more.

"Trey please?!" I really do need it. I'm addicted and I know that. I don't know why I need it but I do. Sex is soo good that climax gives you a whole high. Trey does anything I ask. I literally have him under my spell. 

"Okay just hurry or I'll be late for work." 

I pushed him back on the bed. Sitting on top of his torso. I kissed him with soo much passion. I bit his lower lip for entry. Our tongues dances in each other's mouths. I took off his boxers leaving his bare body showing. I kissed his neck down to his chest to his stomach to his V line to his member. I picked it up with both hands. Spitting on...

GimmeDat_Breezy GimmeDat_Breezy Mar 11, 2015
Guh you betta quit!! This ain't a game, I ain't reading this for fun!! Yes I am lol