Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, AMBW) 1/2 Cliché Love Story

Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, AMBW) 1/2 Cliché Love Story

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They always say that there is this one girl who will change a player's heart. What they forget to tell you is that he changes her's as well.

Shayne had won the title of 'the player' once he successfully banged many girls at his school. He was at the top of the food chain until his attention landed on...

Pyper a well mannered hot head with issues. She was quiet but willing to stick up for herself. Of course these two high schoolers are partnered up for a project, because it wouldn't be a cliché story if they weren't. 

Hearts are broken, friendships are tested, love is found, people are betrayed and memories are forgotten.

It's a rollercoaster so you might as well join the ride.

  • ambw
  • bets
  • changing
  • cheating
  • forgetting
  • loving
  • memory