Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, AMBW) 1/2 Cliché Love Story

Slowly Falling 4 U (Interracial, AMBW) 1/2 Cliché Love Story

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My face heated. 

"No I'm not gonna tell you again! You are nothing to me not a friend, relative or boyfriend. So don't act like your concerned because all you are is a player." I shouted announcing every word precisely.

I shoved passed him and over to my door. I was opening it half way when he pulled my arm. The action caused me to spin into his chest, leaving the door ajar.

"Get away from me." I growled. 

"Pyper, Pyper we both know that's not true." He said condescendingly. He grabbed my cheek rubbing light circles on it, soothingly.

"I promise you by the end of-" Pausing he looked at the Calender on my wall.

"The end of February I'll have you falling for me so hard you'll forget we even had this conversation."

I looked at him it was October 28th, and I was confident he wasn't getting my heart. He was someone I just couldn't see myself with, falling for.

I was figuring out how this was possibly gonna work, but I could find not one reason. 

He was searching my eyes. 
I sighed. "Give me a date."

He smirked, happily. "February 28th."

"Ok." I respond, sighing. He was going down.

"But that means your mine now." He said grabbing my butt to pull me closer.

This was going to really be funny. When he loses this 'bet', I will shove it in his face. It was going to be the player getting played and that's exactly what I was looking forward to.

Your smoking hot player. Who now has the hots for the cute girl Pyper.

A stubborn young girl who could be less concerned with the school's player.

What happens when Shayne starts chasing after Pyper's heart?

What happens when he makes her fall so hard she forgets?

But the question that really needs to be answered is: Will she fall 4 the player?

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bruh I thought it said beat the meat out of him I need professional help
lovekilles2 lovekilles2 Feb 07
umm not right no but I mean soon enough u gotta put in that work
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Jan 22
Someone purchase a pint of milk and hand it to his thirsty ass
you are a lucky son of a bitch cause i woud have beat you into another skin tone
billiejayy billiejayy Jul 21, 2016
Aye Pyper! Pipe down you to hyper!😂😂😂😂 sorry I had to
Mozabree_13 Mozabree_13 Jul 22, 2016
I just came here to point out that Booboo Stewart isn't Asian. He's Native American.