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Marmalade. By JumpOvahDahRainbow Updated Nov 04, 2010

Hi guys! (: 

So, I've decided to update more often. I'm in a better mood, which you can probably tell. 

This is one of those days where I actually feel like telling you guys what's up in my town. :3 

SO, for all of you who comment only to say, "UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE" 

I absolutely love your enthusiasm for my stories, I really really appreciate it. 

Thank you for giving me so many votes, it's the most awesome thing ever even though I'm not very popular on this site. But keep the votes coming, please (: 

The downside. 

It does SLIGHTLY annoy me when you guys don't really say anything except for me to write more. I know you like the story somewhat, but I feel like each time I update, you guys don't know how much effort I've put into it. 

Yes, I'm not like those super pro writers who update every two days, every four days, every week, every hour, [lol haha] etc etc. They're just too awesome for me to even think about. LOLOL :D 

But you have to consider the following

-I have a life...

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