ROTGT Book2: Assassin's First Mission: Finding my lost twin

ROTGT Book2: Assassin's First Mission: Finding my lost twin

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Winter's testament__

I Winter Terrice Jansen Madrigal Y Lee hereby declare that starting today, May 02,---- will give the authority to my daughter Tracey Feiri Jansen Madrigal to be the holder of my title as Poison. This testament will give her the power to use the codename for higher rank and starting today the new Poison is born.

Signed by: Winter J. Madrigal

Approved by: Lee Andrew Jansen

After few years of her training to replace her mother's position, she received the notice today with the first mission on it's back. 

There's no need to kill. There's no need to hunt. You just need to find. Your lost twin brother since last month.

Enter Destiny College.

Make some observation to the peoples that your brother's with before he vanished.

*Ralvy Alvarez

*Dave Bueno

*Charlie Manzano

*Troy Guerrero

*Janus Gabriel

Make this mission unknown to others.

Lasty, To accomplish this mission the only thing you need to do to enter DC is to be a boy.

  • action
  • assassin
  • humor
  • mystery
  • revengeofthegangsterstwin
Miss_PuppyLove Miss_PuppyLove Jan 04, 2017
Hello po author... Ang ganda po ng flow ng story nyo^_^. Nice story po..
iceprincesstin iceprincesstin Nov 11, 2015
author, remind lng po my one character ka po nakalimutan sa chapter 19 po may nakasulat na name na cleo po na isa sa mga hnd na maalala ni tracey. hnd ko na po nabasa ang name sa other chapters, remind lng po baka nakalimutan nyo po sya.