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Why Me? (A Phan Smut)

Why Me? (A Phan Smut)

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Erin, call me trash By tallandirrelivantme Completed

Warning: This will be Smut!
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil have been friends for a while. When something life threatening happens to Dan their whole lives change.

- - Apr 30
I just want to stab that "person who interrupted" right now...
SpiritWolf725 SpiritWolf725 5 days ago
                              Phil covered his mouth with his hands....
                              How did Dan kiss him?
                              O_o I'm very confused- *gasps* HE'S A WIZARD....
TwixStiks TwixStiks Apr 10
If you're​ new here ⬇
                              Welcome To the smut side of fanfiction​ ! We have holy water and crosses in one corner and cookies and other snacks and beverages in the corner and in the center is our blanket fortress !
Lucario121 Lucario121 May 09
Who dates to interrupt my smut
                              I will find whoever is at the door and END them
susankun susankun 2 days ago
My new otp is 2 guys at my school that are both straight and in pretty sure both have girlfriends but me and my friends ship it
SpiritWolf725 SpiritWolf725 5 days ago
                              GO AWAAAAY!! NOBODY LIKES YOU!! *slowly opens the door* ITS STILL THARE *quickly closes it* (Nobody got it, did they ;-; )