Sousuke Yamazaki x Makoto Tachibana (boyxboy)

Sousuke Yamazaki x Makoto Tachibana (boyxboy)

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Maru Knight By Animeyaoigirl12 Updated Sep 14, 2016

Makoto walked up to Haru's door and took a deep breath and looked at the sky. He finally felt confident enough to tell Haru how he feels about him. He knocked on the door and waited for a response. 

After a while Makoto suggested that he was taking a bath.

Makoto walked in and looked for Haru.

"Haru?" Makoto called out.

He looked in the bathroom before going to check Haru's room.

Makoto walked into Haru's room and saw a sight he wished he hadn't seen.

Rin and Haru laid intertwined with each other on the bed. Rin was flushed and crying out to Haru with pleasure.

"Ah! Haru!.." Rin cried.

"Rin I'm gonna-!" Haru responded.

Makoto backed up and fell to his knees in complete shock.

" *sniff sob* *whispers* H...haru.." Makoto attempted to call out to Haru.

Haru and Rin stopped after hearing Makoto's sobbing.

"M...mak..oto" both Rin and Haru mumbled.

Makoto got up and ran out of Haru's house.

"Wait! Makoto!" 

Makoto didn't stop for anything, He just ran and kept on running.



Shadow_bird Shadow_bird Nov 12, 2016
So they find out that their crushes are together. They hook up. And now they're in love?!
No Rin you had better fücking stop and go fück Haru because you fücking love him no friends with benefits no you had better fÜCKING LOVE HIM!!
potchie_10 potchie_10 Jul 14, 2016
Like what was that kiss for?? I was not gonna dislike u(coz hate is too strong of a word lol) coz u truly belong to Baby Rin but why? Why'd u do that for?? 😤😤 damn! Like if Ure worried coz he caught ur ass getting f*cked, u could have jus talked to him like a normal person would do!!
MusicLover317K MusicLover317K Jul 14, 2016
Are you fvcking kidding me Makoto? Like what?! Every girl at school will ship you and Sousuke! I really don't see your problem!
Animecat72 Animecat72 Dec 24, 2016
One minute crying next minute making out......their love life is better than mine but wait I don't have one.....*awkwardly laughs*
Animecat72 Animecat72 Dec 24, 2016
DON'T YOU JUST LOVE ANIME FANFICTION(it sometimes makes no since like my life)