Is This What You Call Love? (A Finn Hudson Glee fanfic)

Is This What You Call Love? (A Finn Hudson Glee fanfic)

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Its the start of Glee club in Mckinley HighSchool. Its only the middle of the year and a new girl arrives. With a voice better than the one and only Rachel Berry. And looks better than Quinn Fabray. One boy seems to have eyes for her. That boy known as Finn Hudson. With a pregnant girlfriend, Quinn, he finds himself confiding in this new girl. And as they become closer, Quinn and Rachel become incessantly jealous. Drama, heartbreak, gossip, and love. But after the seniors graduate Summer still has a year left at McKinley. And with Finn working for the glee club, they become even more close than before.

Summer Hart is the talk of the school.

Just a FYI, all the chapters are nothing like the actual show. Basicly, Everyone is seniors except for Summer, Artie, Tina and Sam. Some parts of each chapter do involve things from the actual episodes but ive changed it a lot. Enjoy(:
All song lyrics are in italics.

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Can she be my best friend, like no joke,,this girl is amazing!!!!
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what is the name of this song and can you put the name of the songs you use in the story please?!