The Unknown Female Alpha

The Unknown Female Alpha

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Emily G P. By PostonGE Updated Dec 08, 2015

When every pack is controlled by an alpha, and every alpha is a man, what will happen when they find an Alpha who is the strongest alpha? 

An alpha with the strongest pack?

An alpha who's pack is hidden and unheard of?

Who's alpha is a female?

Warren is the strongest alpha and the alpha of the strongest pack...Or so he thought. 

When he ventures into a territory and finds a pack no one has ever heard of what will he do? 

What happens when he finds out that that pack is ruled by a female?

I thought it said adopted.. Her Pack adopted the cold and named her.. Antarctica o.o
I thought this story was from the girls' POV and I was solo confused when it said 'he' 😂😂😂
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 08, 2015
This is Going to be Something else! Female Alpha versus MaleAlpha! Should be Interesting to see!
CupcakeFlavoredCake CupcakeFlavoredCake Aug 06, 2015
Man walls must get tired of wattpad charterers abusing them all the time