Ways to Get Kicked Out of StarClan

Ways to Get Kicked Out of StarClan

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The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Updated Jan 22, 2017

Woah! Look! It's CrazystarThunderClan, Firestar4ever, Frostycloud, SlugterranCat, Brambleclaw4ever, LightningStrikeTC, FrostFireWarriorCat, WhisperSpirit, and helloilovecats all making one huge spoof book!

Hi der is Herkfost. I innduct u 2 buk.

No. //facepalms- dumb Hawkfrost. That poor frickin idiot. 

Welcome to this crazy book! It's so crazy, it'll get you kicked out of StarClan just for reading it. Since it was published, the StarClan police have reported a 200% rise in arson. 

This is about psycho cats who live around a lake, eating bird poo, being Sues, and farting unicorns. 
Feel free to call the Mental Hospital, but the cats will shred them before they leave their narwhal van. Good luck!

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SomeGemini SomeGemini Jul 07, 2017
Hey Goosefearhef! Remember when you broke stormkits jaw so you ruined his life and now he is crooked star?
WindsweptEagle WindsweptEagle Dec 03, 2017
HHHHAHAHHAHAH For some reason I find it extremely funny
                              Probably because I don’t understand what’s going on
                              I’m weird
MythstarAwesomeness MythstarAwesomeness Aug 11, 2016
                              :steals it from Jay Feather:
                              Jayfeather: MIIIINNNEER
                              Me: O.o uh oh... :chucks stick at his face:
                              Jayfeathet: :is knocked out:
                              Everyone: O.o
backwardsuser backwardsuser Aug 07, 2016
Oh waddap my OCs name is Lightningstrike I thought I was original
billcipher15 billcipher15 Sep 17, 2016
- - Jan 15, 2017
NOT THE STICK                    NOTHING BUT THE STICK                      THE STICK IS LIFE                           SPARE THE STICK                                  THE STICK IS NOTHING TO YOU, JAYFEATHER                STOP#ABUSEINGTHESTICK            PLEASE   NOOOOOO THE STICK