Free! Haru x reader

Free! Haru x reader

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You are a 17 year girl thet just lost her parents and now lives with her grandparents.You ar half half Japanese and half American.You lived in New york but now you live in Japan with your grandparents. You meet your old friend Kou,you twom meet one summer when you were 13 and she was 12.You met the Iwataobi swimming club you LOVE swimming well you do have a BIG SECRET you can breath under water and talk to sea animals.How do Kou,Makato,Nagisa,Rei,Rin and Haru react when they find out and how do you and Haru get together?!?!
Read and find out!
This is my first fanfic so pleas don't judge me.

(Y/n) - your name
(L/n) - your last name
" - someone is talking
' - someone is thinking
(F/c) - favorite coler
(S/f/c) - second favorite coler
(H/c) - hair coler
(E/c) - eye coler
(H/l) - hair length

I hope you will like it!

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No im not opssesd dhdbdjdheuavuavsysvsuddodnudbsube sorry i dont know what happened there i just imaginaed me and haru and it was...BAD
i can swim pretty much everything, and i'm actually on a swim team.
oportunity_ oportunity_ Aug 24
Hi there!! I've read your story and I have some opportunity areas you could upgrade, I would love if you text me so the story could be even better.
redbluepop redbluepop Oct 15
i can't swim D: author-chan are you trying to kill me?!!!1!!
TrickySea TrickySea Dec 12, 2016
I swim... Doggy paddle? And I guess a weird hybrid of tittystroke and I guess mermaid? I also swim free but only if I'm racing...
I'm still in training 😓😓. Dont really have a comm pool close to where I live so I only can swim when I go on vacations.