Power (Book 1)

Power (Book 1)

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Jay West used to be an ordinary guy, hanging out with his friends, worrying about college, and having teenage problems. Then, on his sixteenth birthday, everything changed. He could suddenly do things that he never could before, and somehow, his blood had been replaced by a glowing blue liquid. He had to change schools and go to a new one for metas like him. 

Then, Jay's family is attacked...and he fails to protect them. Now, his old life gone, he tries to avenge his parents. But when he discovers that the attack on his family was part of a bigger plot to kill him, will he be able to do what he couldn't before?

***This is Book 1 of the Power series***

  • action
  • adventure
  • superhero
  • superpowers
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Thia2hip Thia2hip 4 days ago
Hey that comment which I totally agree with "who would look at a clock..... pass out" was written on my birthday
outoftune1 outoftune1 Oct 29
Dude.Who would look at the clock when they are about to pass out?
Thia2hip Thia2hip 4 days ago
Thanks for the clarification, for a split second before I read that, I thought he was a masochist and Dick, perhaps, a sexual sadist
Thia2hip Thia2hip 4 days ago
Skyview in Highland? Sounds a lot like sky high school for super hero's and super humans alike....also way to finally have a book set in Alabama that is about the country life
Thia2hip Thia2hip 4 days ago
Why is this you? I feel like this is how u describe people in your head low key
dragoweirdo dragoweirdo Apr 13
Love how you put history into the story your teachers would be proud