The gang leaders daughter

The gang leaders daughter

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Hi. I'm Katrina Morales. I'm the daughter of the most notorious gang leader and the youngest sibling of my 3 brothers. The only thing I know is killing and let's face it I was good at it. 
My mother died protecting me when I was only 7 and 10 years later here I am. My dad's painful reminder of his only love.

We did anything and everything illegal like importing drugs- cocaine, heroin you name it. 

I begin to unravel horrifying secrets about my past and I'm forced on a run. I learn how to instill my trust in someone I never thought I could.

This is how I fell in love with Blake Reynolds- who was also one of the worlds most dangerous gang leader.

Dangggggggggg! This just shows girls can be just as bad as guys.... just saying
OMIGOSHHH SAMMEE I have 11 brothers nine older than me then I have a little sister then baby sister.
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I'm only on the first part and I like it. Adding this to my list for sure! This was great! Strong and consistent voice.
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If I had a chance to say something If someone took my food, I would have been like "what...did...U...JUST....DO?!?!?!?! U TOOK MY FREAKING BURGER!!!! UR GONNA PAY BÏTCH!" Wait nvm, I'm already like that.