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Love Started With A Kiss

Love Started With A Kiss

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Marie Quimba By mariequimba Updated May 17, 2016

One tiny, insignificant event can change the entire course of a person's destiny. My insignificant-yet-completely-life-altering event was a kiss. That's it. A simple kiss.


Then everything happened so fast. He was winning on prying my arm off of him when I suddenly found my lips pressed to a hot stranger's lips after murmuring a soft but swift "Sorry," when I saw Sebastian and Jane head to our direction.

Just as I pull back the hot stranger grab my temples tenderly and locked my eyes to his intense and serious dark-brown eyes. "You're going to pay for that," he says in a sexy low voice making me gulp. "What do you-" my question was cut as my mind blur when he tilts his head adjacent to mine.

purplestrose purplestrose Aug 16, 2016
So glad to have found another well written story :) first chapters always determine whether i should continue on or not lol
purplestrose purplestrose Aug 16, 2016
Hm, this guy did tell you he was dating someone.... And yet you get mad at your cheating ex?
GodOfFishies GodOfFishies Nov 28, 2016
Ironically, it says "-Unexpected, unplanned ones,-" in the middle of the sentence.
pakeeza2 pakeeza2 Nov 09, 2015
Wow ! this  was an interesting chapter. I really  love the main characters personality. I actually  laughed at  some of the hilarious scenes. Very  good job!!!:D
mariequimba mariequimba Apr 19, 2015
@Angie627 ur totally not a bad person.. i laugh at someone elses misery too.. on wattpad.. and sometimes on real life..
mariequimba mariequimba Apr 18, 2015
@YasmineElBahrawy r u loving it enough to wait till june for the nxt update??