My Arranged Love Story {Undergoing Reconstruction}

My Arranged Love Story {Undergoing Reconstruction}

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Love is not just an emotion. It's more than that. It has been and will always be more than just a mere emotion.

To fall in love and to love somebody with one's whole heart needs courage. A kind of courage that many do not possess. A kind of courage that makes you truly believe in your love that you have for the other person. A courage that makes you stand up for your love - tall and proud and fight for your love without any hitch.

For Ria Singhania, love does not exist. According to her, people confuse lust as love. Or maybe even infatuation as love.

Her bitter childhood scarred her opinion about men forever.
Aryan Roy has been in more than one relationships. His frequency of moving out of relationship and into another,is pretty high.

He truly feels that he has now understood what love means and is quite sure that what he feels for his current girlfriend is 'love'.

Two people. Two different personalities. Two different ideologies and perspectives.

God knows what their mothers​ thought when they decided to arrange the marry of these two with each other.

Sparks don't fly when these two meet. Instead friction is what happens.

Both are equally and highly uninterested in each other and in this marriage proposal thrown on them by their mothers.

Will they find out what love actually means?

Is their happy ending fated to be together? 

Or will they find their happy endings somewhere else, with someone else?

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