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My Arranged Love Story

My Arranged Love Story

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WritingToMyHeart'sContent By RomanceAndMe Updated 6 days ago

Ranked #78 (as on 24/02/2017)

Riya Singhania is not the girl who dreams of happily married life. Actually marriage is the last thing on her mind. But don't think she cares less about relationships.

Aryan Roy is our easy going guy. With mother as Indian and dad American, Aryan has spent almost all his life following the western traditions. 

But what happens when their mothers plan their marriage?

While one is about to reject the other; he himself gets rejected! 

And Only to start as friends.....

Rejection, crush, love, past, friendship and trust - when mixed togather, will end up sizzling this story and also the pairs' unknown chemistry

blare_lina blare_lina Dec 12, 2015
Hey! Jumped on your another work. :) * looking forward. :) *
_twistedreality_ _twistedreality_ Dec 05, 2015
I felt like this was a little rushed, with her quickly hurrying out of the house at the beginning. Although I liked the explanation of the father in there and what exactly happened too.
ladyinred23xo ladyinred23xo Nov 19, 2015
Every interesting beginning. This is deffinitly different and I really enjoyed it. You have a great way of writing
RomanceAndMe RomanceAndMe Nov 02, 2015
@newbubble thank you for your suggestion.....nd yeah that editing lart is something that has been pending....will do that soon
newbubble newbubble Nov 01, 2015
I really liked the beginning.. Although I found some grammatical errors.. You need to edit a bit.. Otherwise it's amazing.. Can't wait to read more.
dancelover_7564 dancelover_7564 Jul 18, 2015
I'm reading this quite late, but what a great start. I'm excited to read on.