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recklessandstuff By recklessandstuff Updated Sep 28

Life for Annabelle Carter was pretty great. She liked school, loved her best friends and enjoyed good music.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attached - Crash and Burn, one of the most popular "boybands" decided to attend her school and flip her life upside down.

Annabelle hated boybands.

anooshipie anooshipie Aug 07
I feel kinda offended but I am laughing my ass off it's like as if the author is describing me! Though If you consider FOB a boy band then well I love boy bands cause come on 5sos, FOB, script etc all of them have boys in it so technically boy bands are cool
Well I guess she doesn't like most of the people reading this 😂😂😂
anooshipie anooshipie Aug 07
Say this to cole in bad boy's girl and he'll break your bones. nobody calls him his bro
anooshipie anooshipie Aug 07
Knew it! Cuz one can not simply define a fangirl accurately without being one
KeairaLTVAC KeairaLTVAC Sep 28
"Crooked Smile" by J. Cole, I just laughed way harder than necessary!!😂👏🏽
I am a fan girl, but not with boybands (not that there is anything wrong with that) I fan girl over TV shows, youtubers and books,