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Life for Annabelle Carter was pretty great. She liked school, loved her best friends and enjoyed good music.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked - Crash and Burn, one of the most popular "boybands" decided to attend her school and flip her life upside down.

Annabelle hated boybands.

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reiruby reiruby Apr 19
That actually happened to me, apart from the family finding me
Me too bc I know they are your family and all but not me butt naked no thank you
Being a fangirl is not something you choose. Fangirling chooses you. Lol, my friend has recently been consumed.
- - May 28
And I hate cringy worth song that only ytalk about sex and money and swag
Boy bands don't play instruments, bands do ❤️Black Veil Brides❤️ oh my god Andy is so hot
- - May 28
I am a fan of band and I can fangirl but I do not act crazy and say OMG I say oh my jixx (bvb)