Forbidden Love: Fifth Harmony/You

Forbidden Love: Fifth Harmony/You

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Keona <3 By Lern_Jergi_97 Updated Jun 11

Living a life of being famous isn't easy for you. Along with moving new schools with your sister Mackenzie, forgetting the fact that you've lost your parents when you were 6 and only having Simon Cowell- your uncle- as a piece of family to rely on. As you waiver through the weight of being with your 5 amazing friends, and being famous, you have a life-thrilling adventure of surprises.

It was when you attended a recording session seeing 5 peculiar faces. the EXACT same ones as your best friends. What'll happen when you find out their secret?

This book might also include a few imagines here and there. I'm always up for suggestions and ideas from you guys :)

LernsDaddy LernsDaddy Mar 31, 2016
Not trying to be a bįtch here but this is third person not my pov
Pricefieldforever Pricefieldforever Mar 19, 2016
Am I the only one who thinks about the anime Haikyuu! with Hinata and Kageyama?
caira1821 caira1821 Jul 09, 2016
Aha me and Lauren are schoolmates before we go to another school together but again hey we're still friends till now and the girls👌👌😊😊😄😄
thewildhatter thewildhatter Jul 19, 2016
Is it weird that I have a friend named michela and another friend who acts like my sister named Mackenzie? Dang what are you writing my life?😂
Little5Orelli Little5Orelli Jan 10, 2016
I'm hella good at sports in real life MVP on my soccer,basketball,football,swimming,hockey,cross country, etc..
fifthharmonyships fifthharmonyships Oct 24, 2015
It's kinda herd for my to read this book because my name is makenzie without the c