Her Disorder

Her Disorder

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Angelica By angelica20000 Updated Apr 08

"Your so fat"

" Lose some weight Miss.Piggy"

" How can you look at yourself"

That's all that Evelyn could here as she squeezed through the school hallway and that's all that she ever heard since kindergarten. After having enough she leaves for a year till she comes back in a terrible state. Worse then ever before.

She stopped eating 
And she started cutting
And sadly she stopped caring

This isn't your typical story where the girl leaves and comes back better than ever, quite the opposite actually

  • anorexic
  • bullying
  • cutting
  • disorder
  • evelyn
  • family
  • hope
Oml. When they said what up mrs piggy I imagined them responding with “NOTHING MUCH, HOW ABOUT YOU!??!?” Really loudly in mrs. piggy’s from the muppets voice. Lol
paperbug paperbug Jan 28
Evelynn is my name too, but spelled slightly different. Two N’s.
StrangeDejaVuu StrangeDejaVuu Oct 01, 2017
That's not a friend, that's a fake friend just guiltily hanging out with you
aaliyahwants2die aaliyahwants2die Dec 14, 2017
I'm a 12 year old in 7th grade and I weigh about 160-170 lbs and I've only got commented on my weight by a few people.  I don't know, I guess my school is really accepting and caring.
xbocahs xbocahs Oct 05, 2017
this is bad but I love the fact that it says tittle, it’s such a cute little word... tittle tittle hehe