The Selection

The Selection

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The Selection. 35 women enter, and live at the palace. One remains, as the princess.

The Selection has come again, in the country of Illéa, for Prince Jackson Lawrence. 35 women are transported to the palace from each province of Illéa, and most are eager to find out what's in store for them.

Elizabeth Wood is yanked from her farm and family of her mother and two siblings to compete in the palace for the prince's heart, and a life she hardly knew she wanted. See what unfolds as Elizabeth encounters new friends, old mysteries, alarming rumors, and unexpected betrayal in The Selection of Jackson Lawrence.

Michelle Carter/All Rights Reserved. I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks for reading!

The original idea for the country of Illéa, all province names, the Selection in general, belongs to Kierra Cass and all her editors/publishers. She created the original Selection series, and is continuing the series with a fourth and possibly fifth book. She's brilliant, and the idea for this story of course is from her, and this tale is dedicated to her and her team of people that have made these wonderful books possible. Thank you, and thank you so much to anyone that is reading this. ;)

OliveTheLeaf OliveTheLeaf Aug 17, 2016
This is so nicely written but, I would hope for it to be in one POV!
Jennaloves6 Jennaloves6 Sep 27, 2016
I'm thinking of George Carlin's speech on human rights right now.
brittanymains brittanymains Sep 26, 2016
Oh my gosh, this is EXACTLY like me! It's pretty annoying I must say...
I love how Elizabeth had the courage to give a speech. She's already showing phenomenal queen characteristics.
juliathebookworm1234 juliathebookworm1234 Nov 17, 2016
But Mrs Norris IS the cat. She's Filch's cat in Harry Potter
Nerdandproud26 Nerdandproud26 Nov 29, 2016
How is it in 2015? Don't the selection books take place in the future? 
                              Eh, whatever it's your story