Assassin For Hire

Assassin For Hire

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Ruby By MidnightRose55 Completed

"The Hunted die, not the Hunter. Gavin Forrester is the hunter and she's the one he never wanted to hunt..."


Gavin Forrester is in the business of getting rid of people. Young, old, man, woman, doesn't matter as long as he gets his share when the job is completed. 

Up until now, killing people was easy. He'd just line up his shot, pull the trigger and be done with it but he made a mistake on his latest job. He got attached to the target and for a guy like Gavin, that's fatal. With his boss breathing down his back and his own feelings on the line, will Gavin be able to follow through? 

All it's supposed to take is a breath and a pull of the trigger but his finger is hovering a lot more than usual and he's not so sure this bullet will be worth it...
Highest Ranking -> #7 in Adventure (6/10/15)

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A11102 A11102 Mar 20, 2016
He makes a killing😋😋
                              Get it? No… ok I'll go sit in the corner now
Winchesters_united Winchesters_united Nov 13, 2016
So the only reason he doesn't want to kill her is because she's hot?
oceanic133 oceanic133 Jan 19, 2016
I literally went from watching revenge to reading this WHY WOULD YOU NAME HER THAT
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
Loving it :) The pacing was on point. I could really see the scenes come alive. There's so much here.
GregBaixo GregBaixo Oct 02, 2015
This book is very good, I'm loving it lol .. Congratulations, beautiful book .. Great Scribe
chimericalmark chimericalmark Jul 14, 2015
Wow! I'm not really much a fan of this sort of stuff, but you've made me a fan of this book! The descriptions kept me on the edge of my seat, and always wondering what comes next! Amazing job, you are a brilliant author!