Doctor who Imagines

Doctor who Imagines

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Queen of Hell By zeinazeina Updated Nov 05

♪ Oh the places you'll go ♪

Imagine, being in the tardis flying it with the doctor. 

Imagine, going through the endless universe in a blue box.

Imagine just not being on earth. 

Imagine, the worlds you would see.

Or maybe...The romance?

Or action if that's what you would prefer.

Imagine reading a story like this, and actually enjoying it. *wink wink*

As wonderful as those first 4 things sound you sadly can't do it. (trust me I've tried) you can always do the last one, and see how it would be like to do those 4 things? 

Just give it a try you may actually feel like your there with the doctor, or whoever you'd like.

Basically doctor who imagines. I can do any character....I hope....

And I don't do smut sorry.

I don't own doctor who and its characters (sadly) credit to bbc.

I'm crying 😂 the twitter part describes me I have a twitter but I rarely use it I just don't like it
Tardis: *changes corridors and constantly moves walls out of the way so 11 won't bump into them*
LiaBarr LiaBarr Feb 03
If this was an actual book i would've closed it then and there. Only river gets to be part time lord
I would do this, except I would be in a dark, uncomfortable corner in the same position for hours without moving.
Is this a Broadchurch reference cause I think it it 😂😂😂