Lupus Deus (NOT EDITED!)

Lupus Deus (NOT EDITED!)

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Sophia ★ By xxSkemoxx183 Completed

He's Cruel.

He's Vicious.

He's Seductive.

He's my Mate.

He's also the Lupus Deus.

(Complete-Not edited though.)

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  • powerful
  • revenge
  • transformation
  • werwolf
I'm glad I'm not the only one who read it as Lupus Dupus 😂😂
I’m lost and it’s only’s not even the first chapter yet lord have mercy
OP character exaggeration much.. 😂 
                              me:  skrttt yo ass stay a messenger..FO EVA *inserts cardi B line*
fran17th fran17th Oct 25
this reminds me of the scene from mulan when they were arguing which warrior to send lmaoo
And the final thing. The cherry on top! She’s gonna be white! Ah what a surprise, I’m so shocked. Lmao I’m already over this book.
This kinda reminds me of The Epic of Gilgamesh. The gods made Enkidu the same equal as Gilgamesh so that he will stop hurting people.