Meet AJ Martin. She's your typical girl, but she's also mute. No one knows why. Ever since she moved to her Aunt Maria's town, everything's, "different".  Of course since she's new everyone looks at her like an alien from outer space. But she doesn't care.

Danny Schneider is your typical bad boy, thing is he's a werewolf. He is the soon to be alpha of the Mount Woods Pack and of course every alpha needs a Luna. But what he doesn't know yet, is that his Luna is what he expected of her. So, will he reject her? Or keep her as his?

  • alpha
  • luna
  • mate
  • mute
affeke23 affeke23 Jul 19
hey I don't mean to be a know it all or anything I just wanted you to know that you could also say " I nodded in understanding" you don't have to its not that big of a deal but I'm just pointing it out.
@existentialcrisis123 right? You don't need permission especially if it's a public school lmao
GabbyCarman GabbyCarman Aug 12
                              WORK WORK! ELIZAAA!!!
                              AND PEGGY!!!
                              THE SCHUYLER SISTERS!
MyNamesTammy MyNamesTammy Aug 20, 2016
Rick, Tic (short for Constica), Wic (short for Wendy Isabella Casegro)
week123123 week123123 Nov 24, 2016
My uncle, he is a doctor, said I was autistic
                              Then he had kids
MyNamesTammy MyNamesTammy Aug 20, 2016
Bic (short for Ben Ian Casegro), Zic (short for Zoe Indiana Costala) and Dîck