Hell's Personal Assassin: Book 1

Hell's Personal Assassin: Book 1

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-:-:- { Michelle Lucic } -:-:- By Forevermore2013 Completed

She just wanted a more interesting life.

That's it.

For her, the daily routine was simple:  wake up, school, study, sleep, repeat. 

Her life was absolutely plain to her, and she prayed for anyone out there to change it. 

But she should have more careful about what she wished for. 

Because all of a sudden the quiet girl that no one notices starts to... change.

Her hatred for everyone increases to the point where it's all she feels, her emotions start to wash away, her body becomes more powerful, and she starts getting more dangerous. 

That was her new beginning.

She's turned into a monster with no memory of who her human form was.

And she's not just any monster. 

She turns into Hell's personal assassin, a hunger for souls and a thirst for blood. 

But this is what she wanted, isn't it?

She asked for anyone out there to change her life, and make it more interesting. 

 And Satan decided to help her out with her request.


June 7:           Horror #77

June 9:           Horror #69

June 13:         Horror #49

June 15:         Horror #47

July 3:             Horror #26

July 24:           Horror #14

Aug. 4:             Horror #11

Aug. 17:          Horror #9

Sept. 9:          Horror #5

Sept. 20:       Horror #3

*WARNING* if you don't like swearing or graphic scenes, please read at your own risk.

*WARNING* if you don't like reading sexual content, please don't read or read at your own risk. 

*WARNING* sarcasm and sick humor will be in it. Be prepared for madness.

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Well   I must say this is definitely scarier then a death threat for ticklish persons like me.😃
                              Though I definitely agree with your point that copying somebody else's hardwork is horrible .BTW I have must started this story and I am absolutely loving it
- - Mar 05, 2016
f4gtthoe f4gtthoe Feb 29, 2016
whats the name of the song in the trailer (its pretty great btw)
_Somethinggreater_ _Somethinggreater_ Mar 24, 2016
The book cover, from Drag me to Hell... I love that movie. 😉 Highly underrated!
kinglinggg kinglinggg Sep 25, 2016
BrianneMorris BrianneMorris Feb 28, 2016
well if that is the consequence maybe I will steal it because you seem cool lol I'd be like "STOLE IT" *door bell rings* "oh crap.. Yay?"