I cannot live with you, nor without you (Hide x Reader x Ayato) {TG fanfic}

I cannot live with you, nor without you (Hide x Reader x Ayato) {TG fanfic}

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JasJonah By JasJonah Updated Sep 16, 2016

Because the actual TG manga is waaaaaaay tooooo sad and dramatic😭

Amon Koutaru, your father, is one of the best ghoul investigators of Tokyo. Your mother died when you were 2 years old, due an unhealable disease, that was what your father always told you when you asked him about your mother. One day, when it was already dark outside, you decided to spend some time with your friends and went to the cinema, since your father wasn't at home because of his work, you basically could do whatever you wanted. But you couldn't expect what you would see that night...

This is much rather a mysterious fanfiction than a romantic one, but oh well.

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Jovan142002 Jovan142002 Jul 25
Thats exactly what i say to everyone who says i love you to me🤣
-sueshi -sueshi Jul 10
i have short nails...hold up I got this *gets acrylic nails by wasting 20 dollars* thEre
Ashum2007 Ashum2007 Sep 26
Man, I love AMON the sleep... 
                              Is that what the game's called...
Daytime-Dreamer Daytime-Dreamer Jul 08, 2016
No offense but u really need 2 check ur spelling and stuff or just reread 2 catch ur mistakes and typo
JoJoShae JoJoShae Dec 21, 2016
I love volleyball but I keep getting yelled at for spiking the ball so many times
Rize_Kamishiro22 Rize_Kamishiro22 May 18, 2015
Why am i laughing so hard?!...... Now i look like i'm crazy :|