Being the players maid

Being the players maid

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Mordi0608 By Mordi0608 Updated Jan 23, 2016

Sixteen-year old Jessica Preston has her ups and downs. Ups she lives with one of the richest family's in the world, down she's their maid.

Jaydon Walker, 16 year old bad ass player, up he has the whole school at his feet, down only after Braydon's  done with them.

What happens when Braydon's out of the picture, when Jessica and her brother move in with the walkers, when everyone but Jaydon, Jessica and James are gone.

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  • maid
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  • romance
Did you rewrite this book.... Because I think I had read some of it...
onelastchonce onelastchonce Feb 21, 2016
Cecilia looks better.. Oh Cecilia your breakin' mah heart.. XD
LOVE IT!!!! Your are literally my favorite author on Wattpad!
SpnSelena79 SpnSelena79 Jan 15
School always gets in the way.  The long wait is soo worth it though!
1dfoodmusicandbooks 1dfoodmusicandbooks Feb 13, 2016
Okay I see the problem he liked u and max beat him to u and in the words of Nick Jonas himself 'I still get jealous'
DeVries42 DeVries42 Jan 01, 2016
This is hard to understand at times but I can picture it clearly!