Beautiful Disaster (Camren)

Beautiful Disaster (Camren)

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I was suppose to stay away from the broken girl. Like Ally said "You think you can fix them but this isn't your thing to fix" 
I just brushed her off telling her I didn't want to fix Camila. But later found out I really did. 
She wasn't just a broken girl, she was a Beautiful Disaster. 

Excerpt From: -. "Beautiful Disaster.".
All copy rights to thatoneloser-kid from Tumblr.


ATTENTION - This is not my story but I had fun recreating it. Hope you enjoyed it as well. It was a fun short story and sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Currently in process of editing.

(Started: Dec, 2014 - Finished: Feb, 2015)

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I do it during the same class that gave the homework sometimes I don't pass it
pizzznap3 pizzznap3 Mar 31
TaT Lauren would agree and 'I Heard your voice in a dream' Camila can also relate
I wouldnt just punch him if I were in that position, I’ll probably beat the hell out of that person for talking shît about my mom/dad and the fact that I’ll get expelled just from punching him isn’t worth it might as well go for the home run
*clears throat dramatically* TODAYYYYYY-!!!! *voice cracks horribly*
Wtf people do weed in my school and they don’t even get detention
It took me 5 hours to write my essay that was due 2 weeks ago