Beautiful Disaster (Camren)

Beautiful Disaster (Camren)

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I was suppose to stay away from the broken girl. Like Ally said "You think you can fix them but this isn't your thing to fix" 
I just brushed her off telling her I didn't want to fix Camila. But later found out I really did. 
She wasn't just a broken girl, she was a Beautiful Disaster. 

Excerpt From: -. "Beautiful Disaster.".
All copy rights to thatoneloser-kid from Tumblr.


ATTENTION - This is not my story but I had fun recreating it. Hope you enjoyed it as well. It was a fun short story and sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Currently in process of editing.

(Started: Dec, 2014 - Finished: Feb, 2015)

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sleepingmila sleepingmila 6 days ago
But the fights are usually country kids vs. city kids and I swear the teachers make bets on who’s going to win
whats worse than a motor accident is a car accident 🤕💀☠😞
This reminds me of two dudes who were screaming at each other and then this dude was screaming "i dare you to punch me" and he did and then he punch back and then a teacher saw them but they didn't get suspended
camren_trash101 camren_trash101 3 days ago
*clears throat dramatically* TODAYYYYYY-!!!! *voice cracks horribly*
camren_trash101 camren_trash101 3 days ago
We see you sneaky lesbian queen go check on your future wife ;)
sleepingmila sleepingmila 6 days ago
Never watched the movies or read the books in my life. I always tell myself I will but I just never get to it