Reds. (James Sirius Potter)

Reds. (James Sirius Potter)

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- By eliza-barn Updated Sep 01, 2015

"James, why do you keep acting like you hate her?" Dominique Weasley asked staring her cousin straight in the eye. 

"Because that's what she thinks I do. And even if I did start acting nice to her, it's too late. She'd think I was up to something and would just avoid even more than usual." The sulky Potter said, falling down onto his bed.

"James, it's never too late. Look at your grandparents. Lily hated him and we all see what happened." Dom tried to reason with her cousin.

"But, that was destined to happen." James sighed.

"What is it with you Potters and Reds?"

Who is the person in the picture? Seriously I see her everywhere and I want to know, please tell me!
This is totally how I will get my first date they will trick me into it
Omg Sirius once shipped Lily and James and gave the name Lames instead of jily which is so similar to Lana and James, that is also, Lames.
Ashtons_No1 Ashtons_No1 Jul 24
Lana is my name. YAY someone else has actually heard if the name!
                              Who did Lee marry? xD
Mazewizard2000 Mazewizard2000 Dec 31, 2015
Just saw that my bæ is James Sirius Potter. Btw TEEN WOLF 5B IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!