Girl In An All Scene Boys Boarding School

Girl In An All Scene Boys Boarding School

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A/N Hi I'm Jordan and a long time ago I wrote this story. I am now going to start the arduous process of editing it so bear with me! I also hope to change the title but we'll see if that works out! I would like to thank all of my old readers and any new ones. You guys mean a lot to me and I love getting a new notification about a new fan or a comment! Thanks for reading, enjoy! Also please check out the Facebook in the external link.

Girl In An All Scene Boy Boarding School (Nothing Supernatural)

Part One

"All passengers please put on your seatbelts we are about to land." The pilot's voice said over the intercom of the plane.

"Shit." I thought to myself as I hurried to clasp the belt around me. In less than 45 minutes, I would not only be in a new boarding school, but an all-boys boarding school. I wasn't too nervous about the boarding school part, just the all-boys. After pulling a few strings my parents were successful in getting me in. They thought it would be best if I went to ...

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