Breaking her walls

Breaking her walls

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Hijabi-on-fire By minahil514 Completed

Ever since Zaara was a little girl, she was abused. Her stepmother hated her and her dad didn't care. Her life had no meaning but she still kept faith in Allah. Her life was turned upside down when a really good looking guy asks her hand in marriage.

Muaaz wants to get married to a practicing young muslim, so when his mum talks about Zaara he can't wait to meet her, but will she meet his expectations?

Will she be able to love him back. Will she ever let her guard down. Will he ever break her walls?

(A/N) this is a very cliche book so if you don't like cliche, don't read. Thank you.

whitecreamykitty whitecreamykitty Aug 07, 2016
She's so pretty... So natural looking😍😍 who is she????
SOAO99 SOAO99 Mar 28, 2016
That awkward moment when you're in the presence of non-mahrams and your mouth malfunctions.
aliayaz01 aliayaz01 Dec 28, 2015
Nice story but there was one mistake 
                              It is Ummah instead of umrah 😊
srkbae srkbae Oct 21, 2015
I could already tell...ehem miss stepmother what have u done for her....ummm lemme think...hmmm oh NOTHING