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No Thanks, I'm Not Hungry [COMPLETED]

No Thanks, I'm Not Hungry [COMPLETED]

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Mich Knight By TheFallenAngel97 Completed

Eli Wyatt Walker is the name. Well, my boy name anyway. This is my story (diary) that I've keep to record my feelings since I really don't have anyone I consider super close that I would tell them anyway so what better way to share my feelings than to write them down? I started out fat and now I turned super skinny because anorexia and bulimia is a hard thing to handle... I worry some people... And myself...
Because no one wants a fat person...
No one wants a stick figure...
What does someone one out of me?
What do I have to change to get someone to love me?
Find out with me because honestly, I have no idea either.

. . .people clearly don't read the date entry? November 5 to December 12. 😐
Laxatives don't hurt your bum as much as your tummy. It makes it feel like your being stabbed repeated within the lower regions of your belly and don't you dare try to hold it. Depending of how much you take you even get diarrhoea
emmilui emmilui Sep 20, 2016
I'm 193 right now and I was 200 the day before yesterday,, once you start losing weight you won't wanna stop
bellojellohello bellojellohello Feb 29, 2016
I absolutely hate having a low metabolism. It's like if I eat about fifty calories above my normal amount which is around 1,500, I'll like gain three pounds the next day. it absolutely sucks banana ass.
Daltonblondie13 Daltonblondie13 Aug 25, 2016
Laxatives hurt really bad. Feels like your ass is on fire @TheFallenAngel97
7wonderz 7wonderz Aug 22, 2016
if i had decent parents like this i probably wouldnt be where i am now tbh