Parchment & Pearls

Parchment & Pearls

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(The Forgotten Passages Book One)

After almost nineteen years, I was used to life - used to school, used to having to put down my beloved books in exchange for heels and pearls, and used to lying to everyone who wasn't aware of my second, secret life in the Brotherhood of Time.

It's been five years - five years since the Order's been heard of, five years since my life became a little more exciting...but almost four years since I saw the one person I thought I never wanted to see again.

Drake Garner's reappearance wasn't coincidental.  He'd been hiding something, something he's finally ready to reveal, and I'm apparently one of the few he trusts. 

I thought I knew about secrets...until I knew his.

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Ok I am loving all of the noel’s you have made. This is the last 3 book I have to read but so far I have love the book and I have hated so of the stuff you have put in it lol. I am sad that it is almost over 😭
Emojigirl1234567 Emojigirl1234567 Feb 12, 2016
I can already tell this is going to be as crazy as the last one but what is it with the different age couple like Max and Callie(Max was older than Callie) and Jhon and Emmy (Jhon was older than Emmy)
hannaheathbar hannaheathbar May 06, 2016
yeuxdesorcier yeuxdesorcier Aug 07, 2015
I just stared at this and the title because my name is Lorraine.
crosswords_ crosswords_ May 06, 2015
Interesting start thus far! Still reminds me quite a bit of National Treasure, but I'm interested in seeing your take on the story.
SometimesAnonWriter SometimesAnonWriter May 03, 2015
I so so so highly recommend you read the other ones first. By far one of the best book series I've ever read. I'm so excited to read this one! :D