The Different Sides of Him (AMBW)

The Different Sides of Him (AMBW)

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Kirby Young By BangtansJams Completed

I sat on the stairs quietly. I could hear people talking and I just had my head in between my knees. I slowly started to cry. I hated being in this school. I felt so lonely and different. I had friends but not close friends, not anyone I would tell how I'm feeling right now. I wiped my tears as I felt someone sit beside me on the step. I looked up and heard a little voice say HI! I looked over to see a cute little boy. Well he looked around the same age as me but he was adorable. He was Asian and he had a unique face, I couldn't describe what was unique about him. He definitely could melt many girls' hearts.

"Hello," I said smiling at him.

"What's up?!" he said still in his small voice. His accent was thick and I could tell he knew little English. I smiled even wider at how cute he was. He returned the smile.


"Nothing, you?" I said amused at what his response would be.

"Me?" he pointed to himself as his eyes widened. I shook my head yes. He looked at the ground confused. I gi...

lanya12 lanya12 13 hours ago
gurll you know you bettter watch out cause these guys are only about, That thing that thing that thingggg
AlecxTheGreat AlecxTheGreat Dec 29, 2016
I'm supposed to be loyal to taehyung and you're over here being like this
LiteralTrassh LiteralTrassh Nov 29, 2016
ducktael ducktael Jul 23, 2016
ive never felt like this looking at a picture omf my hormones
BangtansTrashCan BangtansTrashCan Nov 27, 2016
Awwww. Why can't someone do that to me? All boys at my school are playboys
Juminx Juminx Dec 07, 2016
I can't really relate lol. I'm half Japanese and I go back quite often, so my mom doesn't really think much of me being interested in Asian culture.