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Gaara x reader lemon

Gaara x reader lemon

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skurrilitaten By skurrilitaten Updated Apr 05, 2015

In the village of the hidden sand...

Seems like Gaara lost it again, the village was in shambles and no one knows where Gaara is, he disappeared.

Knowing this, your heart just sank..You don't peculiarity know Gaara, but you knew you loved him ever sense you've seen him for the first time. You'd observe him from a far, but just didn't have the belly to tell him how you feel. 

You lived alone, since your parents died in a car crash so there was no one being concerned over you when you do your midnight strolls. In a way, you wish you were dead too. You thought Gaara would never want you, you barely have friends, and no one to come home to.. Fortunately, you're optimistic even at your low points.

When it became midnight, you slipped on your shoes, and opened the door where the warm breeze met your skin. Running, you went to your favorite spot; The tallest building in the sand village. 

In this side of the village is nearly vacant, oddly darker than the more populated side, you guessed...

How to do the Hinata Hyuga style first hand.
                              Step one: stalk people from afar
Show me the bish I'll destroy them for you it's my destiny -w^
MichIsWeird MichIsWeird Jan 21
"It's not called stalking, it's called watching people from a distance." -my best friend
DemiStrider DemiStrider May 30, 2016
Gaara: *Squeezing me tightly*                      
                              Me: IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOO- *gasps for air*
Kittykatty2006 Kittykatty2006 Dec 31, 2016
Lol, okay. 
                              Inside: *dying noises* (✽ ゚д゚ ✽) ALERT ALERT
                              Gaara: Are you okay?
                              Me: Yup! 
                              Insides: I'M FÙCKING DYING.
KawaiiCupcakeAyumi KawaiiCupcakeAyumi Jul 10, 2016
                              O MY GOOOOOOD! (≧∇≦)/