The Ex Back Formula (Viva Psicom Publishing Corp.)

The Ex Back Formula (Viva Psicom Publishing Corp.)

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Are you broken hearted and yet you still wanted to get your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend back despite everything that happened between the two of you?

Are you hoping that you can still be given your second chance with him/her and once achieved,you promised to work together and really try to keep the relationship forever?

This is a story of Joshua and Maris. both experienced different love stories,been loved back but lost...and now they both wanted to get their exes back.

Which of them have a more effective ExBack Formula? The one who followed what were written on the book or the one who relied on the instinct and literally fought for the love.
But...getting your Ex back is actually easier than keeping them with you.What happens after the Ex Back?

Well, aside from finding ways on how to get the Ex back, this book also offers some reminders for the readers on how to have a healthy relationship. Each chapter tackled guidelines about understanding break ups, common lies and issues about relationships, rebound love, long distance relationships, how to maintain good relationship with partners.

Ex Back Formula is applicable for ages from puberty onwards. Don't forget to avail your copies!