Kidnapped and tortured

Kidnapped and tortured

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crxzy_mofos By crxzy_mofos Updated Mar 08, 2015

"No!Please No!"I begged.

"You've been bad,baby girl,and you have to be punished for what you did."He smirked as he moved closer.
Vanessa is not your ordinary teenage girl. She lost her parents when she was 10 years-old, has gotten into lots of trouble with the police, yet, somehow, she became the best street dancer in London.

But what happens when she meets One Direction and gets kidnapped by them?

Will she fall in love?

Will she escape?

Or will Vanessa and the boys have to pay the consequences for their actions?

 Find out in 'Kidnapped and Tortured'

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I wonder what the boys are going to do to her once they kidnapped her. I mean... It's pretty obvious but...
JoyPlaysRoblox JoyPlaysRoblox Jul 11, 2016
Those cast members though... Selena Gomez? Justin Bieber? And I though I read a story with a Niall Horan and her girlfriend Jules!
-ripped-stitches- -ripped-stitches- Jun 05, 2016
Wow just started reading your book! I'm happy my book inspired a chapter in your book! Great work by the way!!
EmilyPahal EmilyPahal Apr 07, 2015
They was talking about how hot she was.. The CABOOM 'kidnap her'.
                              Well that escalated quickly..