Ackerman (Levi X Reader)

Ackerman (Levi X Reader)

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SavvyM By SavvyMlynn Updated May 09

You join the 103rd Cadet Camp to get a new start on life, in hoping to make the top ten and becoming part of the Military Police. But as time goes on you find out, Levi, your old lover, is the Lance Corporal of the Scout Regiment. With a long past with Humanities Strongest Soldier you begin to adventure into finding the truth on why he's left the Underground City years ago. Also in time falling in love with each, again. 

---To clear up confusion through story read 'So It Is Always.' It's a brief storyline of the past between Reader and Levi.

*The story has been edited! 3/26/17*

And this my friends is how you begin a story  GENIUS I SAY GENIUS!!!!!!!
It's only years. Theirs a lot of married couples with age gaps like that
raven_lb raven_lb 7 days ago
That prequel was basically a 50 shades of gray attack on titan style
I feel like I'm the only one that read the prequel before this. 😂😂😂
raven_lb raven_lb 7 days ago
I already love this story you go author chan you know what we want !
iqlaas34 iqlaas34 Aug 05
She did it when she was 9...that's some ciel shìt right there.