{DMC} By Jack-o-Lantern's Light ❧ Nero

{DMC} By Jack-o-Lantern's Light ❧ Nero

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Hatter By HatterReloaded Updated Oct 12, 2010

Nero cursed as he shot Blue Rose's ammunition into the heads of two devils rushing forth to get a taste of the half devil and his human partner, Monica. "Nero, c'mon!" the auburn haired woman shouts turning to see what was taking the silver-haired man so long.

"I'm coming... Geez." he answers, placing Blue Rose within it's holster on his leg and reaching for the handle of his trusty sword, Red Queen instead. Bullets weren't going to hold them back for long, and as soon as they found a good spot to fight them off to their advantage he would rather prefer to feel them slashed through, anyways...

He would've also preferred to stay and fight them off, it was in his nature to work alone anyways and he had to question just why he had decided to partner up anyways. As he turned and hurried after Monica he wondered why it may be.

"Shit!" the shout caused him to hurry up to see his partner shooting away at a couple of devils who had just flanked them in, her Baretta and Glock firearms workin...